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Borderlands 3 Steam Release Date & Second DLC Announcement

Borderlands 3 Steam release date finally announce officially by Gearbox Software. After about 5 months after their first release on PC, Playstation 4, Stadia, and Xbox One, Gearbox Software finally collaborating with Steam to release this game.

Borderlands 3 Steam

As you may notice, Borderlands 3 do have released on PC the exact time as they released it on another platform. But they choose Epic Games made by Tim Sweeney as their first selling media instead of Steam who more familiar with PC gamers.

But this is doesn’t change the fact that they’ll release Borderlands 3 on Steam too. In fact, Gearbox Software, the developer, gave some new features that can make Steam user and Epic Games user play together.

Borderlands 3 Steam Release Date & Crossplay Feature

At PAX East, CEO of Gearbox Software, Randy Pitchford, discussing everything they planned for Borderlands 3 future. One of them is releasing it on Steam and making crossplay features to as many platforms as possible.

For Borderlands 3 Steam release date, he said they’ll officially release it on March 31th 2020. This also means that Borderlands 3 will not be an exclusive PC game for Epic Store anymore. But it’s not necessarily prejudiced Epic Games and their fans.

Because Gearbox Software keeps embrace players who already purchase this game on Epic Games by making crossplay features for both Steam and Epic Games. So Steam player can meet Epic Games player and vice versa.

Since Borderlands 3 is a shooting – looter games with more MMORPG feels, it must be better if you play it online with friends and other players around the globe.

Randy Pitchford also said that he and Gearbox Software want to make this crossplay features to as many platforms as possible. So it won’t be impossible if, in the future, PS4 or Stadia or Xbox One players can also meet PC player. And Borderlands 3 become one of the games that could be played crossplay with every console and unite the gamers.

Borderlands 3 Review

Borderlands 3 release date actually on September 13th 2020. But since it will come on Steam soon, you better read Borderlands 3 review first before buying it.

First things first, this game is FPS - Looter game. So for you who love FPS and shooter game, maybe you can't be guarantee will love this game. Because it has a lot of MMORPG feeling in it, with tons of hour grinding, farming, and looting. But this game does have shooter gameplay which you'll mostly be shooting monster and huge evil creature.

On of the iconic aspect of every Borderlands series is their cartoonist graphic. But it does not necessarily make the game feels not realistic or somethings. Even though Borderlands is a fantasy-based game, it still has a lot of things that make this game looks realistic and stunning. Such as their in-game views and environment.

You'll meet a lot of beautiful places that will make you wish it's real. Since Borderlands 3 is an open worlds games, you can freely roam where ever you want. Other than that, this game also has a huge map including 4 planets you can explore.

Borderlands 3 New DLC

Following their announcement for Borderlands 3 Steam release date, Gearbox Software also revealing the second DLC for this game named Guns, Love, and Tentacles.

Borderlands 3 Steam

The newest DLC also brings back some old character like Gaige or the Mechromancer from Borderlands 2, Jakobs, and Sir Hammerlock.

The Guns, Love and Tentacles DLC will have a news story about Sir Hammerlock wedding. But as the wedding goes, the Cursehaven town invades by a Cthulhu like monsters.

as a conclusion, Borderlands 3 Steam release date will be on March 31st 2020. It will be introducing new crossplay features with Epic Games version. And for the Guns, Love, and Tentacles DLC, it will release on March 26th

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