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Corona Virus Impact on Video Game Industries

Coronavirus impact on video game industries is inevitable. Since the first outbreak in early January 2020, this virus becomes more and more dangerous by spreading around the globe. A lot of industries being affected. One of them is tech industries, including gaming.

Corona Virus Impact on Video Game Industries

Since China is one of the largest country that produce a lot of technology stuff, this large scale outbreak really affecting gaming industries. Many festivals and offline events being delayed or even canceled. Some games also being delayed because of inevitable circumstances. Not to blame the virus or specific people, but this also happens in order to prevent any unwanted condition that could lead to another dangerous situation.

One of the largest gaming events that have been confirmed canceled is GDC or Gaming Developers Conference. Other than that, there’s also some impact, either massive or minor, on video game industries by coronavirus. For the detail, here’s every coronavirus impact on video game industries.

Nintendo Switch Production Massively Delayed

I think Nintendo, especially on Switch, got the hardest impact by coronavirus since most of it’s production located in China and Japan. Nintendo of America Spokesperson also confirms this news that there are unexpected delays not only in Japan and Asia region but also in North America and Europe.

One of the most severe impacts on Nintendo Switch is on Nintendo Ringfit production that has been delayed until undecided times. As you may already know, Ringfit is one of the newest and best seller Nintendo Switch accessories around the world.

Even though it’s not as critical Ringfit, other Nintendo Switch accessories also got an impact by coronavirus outbreak. Including the Joy-Cons production.

Other than that, one AAA games has been delayed to Switch. That is Outer Worlds from Take Two. They have confirmed that Outer Worlds Switch port will be delayed until the next announcement due to coronavirus.

Plague Inc Dropped on App Store

After the coronavirus outbreak on Wuhan, Plague Inc becomes one of the highest download games either on PC, iOS, and Android. Even though this game has been released since 2012, but coronavirus impact really boost Plague Inc sales, unlike what happened to Nintendo Switch.

This could happen because all the memes spreading through online forums and social media about that involve Plague Inc. If you haven’t known yet, basically on this game you could control plague around the in-game world. But, Plague Inc uses real-world map as their in-game world, so you’ll like you are controlling viruses around the real world.

And after Wuhan virus outbreaks, Plague Inc become more famous than before. But unfortunately, some people thought this isn’t a funny situation and Plague inc become a sensitive topic. On top of that, Plague Inc has been taken down on the App Store, especially for the Chinese App Store.

Ndemic Creation, as the developer of Plague Inc, and the studio how made this game only said, “This situation is completely out of our control”.

But then they said that they won’t give up to the Chinese player and will figure out the new ways to make Plague Inc can be played again in China. However, it’ll need sometimes, since Ndemic Creation is an indie game company.

Delayed Gaming Conference and Events

As been said before, GDC or Gaming Developers Conference is one of the biggest gaming events that has been canceled or rather postponed due to coronavirus outbreak. Previously, many gaming companies began to back out of the conference due to the same reason, including Sony, EA, and Microsoft.

Sony also said that they won’t attending PAX East 2020 in Boston. But unlike GDC, PAX East keep held as how they planned and revealing Borderlands 3 Steam release date and newest DLC in it.

And the last coronavirus impact on the video games industry is EVE Online’s Fanfest that has been canceled. This event supposed to held on April 2nd on Iceland. But after the first confirmed case of Covid – 19, EVE Online immediately announce that they cancel the Fanfest on their website.

That is all for coronavirus impact on video game industries. Once again, this article isn’t made to blame or cornering anyone. Because this massive phenomenon is out of anyone approximation and once again, all video game or event that has been delayed or canceled is to prevent any unwanted incident.

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